You have heard the phrase “It is not the tool it is the person behind that tool”. While the metaphor is true because no matter how good of a tool you give a guy, if he doesn’t know what he is doing he will do disasters even with the right tools. This is also the case if you give an experienced professional something that is not workable or it is just not good enough for him no matter how good he is he will not be doing too well with the wrong tools.  Let’s say a guy has a car that goes 0-to 100 KPH in 4 seconds and the guy is an experienced driver. What do you think the experience of the driver will help the car to get 0 to 100 faster? It is right the guy’s experience can’t do anything because the tool he has is not up to the task.

In the world of competitive shooters,     The same analogy applies because no matter how sharp your aim is, how good your reflexes are, or how well you have built up your muscle memory, you are bound to get knocked down if you don’t have a good enough weapon. Even with good weapons, you get killed because of a number of reasons.

Specifically, we are going to talk about valorant and its 2 of the most picked guns ever, Vandal and Phantom.Visit for more details. As you know both of them have their pros and cons and either of them is a bad choice or neither this blog is a comparison of these two guns. Rather we will talk about how these two guns are different from each other, what makes each of them different and in which scenarios you should use each of them.


I will write down about each of these with comprehension so at the end you’ll know most of the differences. If you have played counter-strike before then you can consider these two guns as m4 and ak. phantom being the m4 and vandal being the ak. The first big difference between the two is mag size and ammunition size. Because with Phantom the magazine loads 30 bullets with 90 ammunition in the loadout. Here are some more differences.

  • Fire Rate difference Although Phantom does have a lower fire rate phantom’s bullet spread is not that high and if you know how to control the recoil then it is the best gun in the game.
  • The damage difference phantom has lower damage than vandal but because the spread is now wider it is easier to control the gun and eliminate the enemy.
  • Phantom is Beginner friendly because unlike vandal the gun has a relatively lower skill level. So if you are just starting then you should pay attention to phantom

Phantom also provides a wide variety of cosmetics for it. Oni Phantom is the most famous one but I can’t give any points to Phantom based on the cosmetics available for it.

Effective in Close-quarters:

While this can be situational if a team is rushing towards you in a close gap the best that you have of winning that duel is to charge them with your phantom because it’s easier to control and you can wipe them up pretty quickly.

Suppressed fire:

Phantom also is on the silent side of things. I am not saying that Phantom doesn’t make sound but it is a lot quieter than Vandal. So you can get away with your position with Phantom but not with Vandal.


Now that we are discussing the vandal we have to know what are the differences that are making vandal more popular and more pickable than phantom. There are several reasons for this I will list some of them down here:

  • Vandal gives an Instant headshot kill means that if you aim for the head and shoot at that there’s a one-shot kill. So if you possess a sharp weapon this gun is going to be the best for you.
  • Vandal has a Higher firing rate but controlling the spray is way harder than phantom. If you could control the spray then the gun is a killing tank in your hands.
  • Vandal rewards the sharpest shooter but the drawback with it is that the mag does only contain 25 bullets and the ammo loadout is 75. Which is more than enough for a round but you have to notice how you use your bullets.

Best of Both Worlds:

While Phantom does have an easier recoil pattern, vandal has higher damage which means you can use it in any situation like in a close quarter when you holding down a close angle and you could also use it to peek on the entire bomb side.

Better for wall banging:

Vandal is ideal for wall banging and at the higher ranks you’ll need that because at the higher ranks, no enemy will not dry peek you have to use your game sense and try to wall bang someone because with a vandal at least worth a shot.